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Producer's Past Credits


The Company Ink

Written / Directed by Joseph Hefner [World Premiere]

Lead Producer - Monica Bell for The Company Ink
Access Theater

Early morning of a rural psychiatric hospital, two patients share the experiences, between two patients in the psychiatric unit of a rural hospital.  With a few interruptions by Nurse Terry, Jamie and Chris share the painful past experiences and irreversible choices that resulted in their respective trips to Rock Bottom.  



Written by Kim Davies / Directed by Noelle Franco

Lead Producer - Monica Bell

T. Schreiber Studios

"You know you get to choose what happens to you, right?”John asks Julie as they meet again in an unlikely place. As they slice open the edges of their boundaries, together they discover that limits are negotiable, power is up for grabs, and sex is an open question. 


(short film)

 Directed by Cassidy Wingate

Lead Producer - Cassidy Wingate

A story on the cycle of breaking;
"hurt people hurt people"

Other Credits Include:

Lead Producer - Tony Jenkins

credits coming soon!
Partnerships/Producing collaborations include Lincoln Center Eduction, Fringe Festival NYC, National Black Theater Festival, Project Love, Authoring Action, and more!

Lead Producer - Monica Bell

Mercury Fur-Catawba Theater, 2016 (Playwright: Phillip Ridley) Entrenched deep in dystopian London, Mercury Fur focuses on a party with hallucinogenic butterflies, power-hungry teenagers, and blurring the line between torture and entertainment.


Stop/Kiss-RJ Reynolds Theater, 2015 (Playwright: Diana Son) In the heart of the West Village, newly-dating Callie and Sara are viciously attacked. Stop/Kiss explores the fear, tenderness, immense courage, and truth that complicates any relationship that’s worth it.


Seminar-RJ Reynolds Theater, 2016 (Playwright: Theresa Rebeck): Seminar follows four young writers and their professor through a ten-week writing seminar held privately in an Upper West Side apartment. Tension builds and romance twists over passionate chapters, relationships, and reputations.

Lead Producer - Cassidy Wingate

That's Not Her Music - Short Film, 2015 ( Writer - Cassidy Wingate, DP - Eric Rosseau) A socially anxious man living in a rural, 1970's small town only leaves his home when absolutely necessary. His only relationship is to the voices he hears through the floors in his bathroom of the women who work in a salon below his apartment. Sitting and listening to them is his greatest comfort, until the day he hears a gun shot below.

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