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Past Productions

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"No Man's Land"

by Garrett Kim

At work, the new C.E.O. might not be making anything better. And then, on a pedestal, men talk talk talk & they fight fight fight. And then, in the wilderness, a boy goes on a quest to reclaim his soul. No Man’s Land is an epic, mutating exploration of modern masculinity & a meditation on how men might heal.


Planter's Series 2018

Planter's Series 2018

beverage warmer.jpg

"Beverage warmer.

Never used. One dollar."

by Augie Praley

Megan and Peter are splitting up after five years and hosting a yard sale to get rid of the junk they’ve acquired along the way — both literal and figurative.

Through a full day of rehashing their relationship while strangers haggle over mementos of their love, Meghan and Peter wonder what, if anything, their relationship was worth.


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Round ball of mirror disco pieces, isola
side view women white quad roller skate.
side view women white quad roller skate_

"Roller Dynasty"

by Ryan Drake

One night while working the graveyard shift at a roller disco in Marfa, TX, Donna and Colby are smacked with a surprise: The Apocalypse! How groovy! Now what?! Skating through a honky tonk disco fugue, the ladies are left to figure out who they are, what it all means, and if anything even matters at all. ROLLER DYNASTY celebrates friendship, disco music, and the end of the world.


The Harvest Festival 2019

Featuring work by:

Ivan Faute

Molly Horan

Michelle Kuchinsky

Grace Parker

Kevin Wesson