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Sprout Works

offers several opportunities for

work development, such as labs, readings, and fully staged productions.


THE PLANTER'S SERIES: developmental readings




Our reading series is where we bridge the developmental process of a writer and the outer community. We offer playwrights to share a public reading of their play with an audience of invited professionals and guests. Our readings are directed, cast, and fully produced. We are proud to showcase writers of all levels of notoriety, backgrounds, and the stories they tell to an eager audience!

Solarium: Noun, a glass-enclosed room, porch, or the like, exposed to the sun’s rays.

Our writer’s solarium gives emerging playwrights the space to hear their words read aloud in a constructive and safe feedback forum amongst select fellow writers. As a developmental lab, the solarium is intended to nurture, cultivate and bolster the playwright’s work as it makes its way into the next stage of its process. This is also where we grow community--  we better acquaint ourselves to your voice, spark creative dialogue with new artists, and foster long term success for every individual who walks through the door.

If our Planters Series is where we plant the seed for a script's growth and our Short Play Festivals are one of the ways in which we reap what we sow.

The Harvest Festival is an evening of short plays or excerpts of full length pieces.
It is an outlet
 to introduce communities of writers, creative teams, and performers to each other and to audiences by having them share their work in one evening.

After reading all submissions, reviewing material that we've had a hand in developing, and directly corresponding with writers whose work we're excited by--we select a project for a full production.

We honor the needs of the script through building a comprehensive creative team and casting highly proficient performers to bring the writer's work to life.

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